The Small Measures site if now closed but you can go to Pretty-Small-Shoes who have over 700 styles and where you can buy ladies petite size fashion shoes

About Us

Welcome to Small Measures.

If you are reading this it’s likely that you already know how difficult it is to find women’s shoes in small sizes – particularly ones that don’t look as though they belong in the children’s department! Small Measures was started by a family of small footed women who struggled to find the kind of shoes they really wanted to wear.

We stock shoes in sizes 1 – 3.5 (or EU sizes 32 – 36). When choosing the range of shoes we will sell, we try to select styles which will suit women of all ages - whether you're looking for the latest fashions, shoes for a special occasion or a classic court shoe. Our goal is to offer women with small feet the widest choice of good quality small shoes at a reasonable price.

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We hope you’ll enjoy browsing the site and will agree with one of our customers who said, ‘Small Measures is where small shoes are not a big problem.’

Small Measures

If you would like to contact us please use the details below:

E-mail: Small Measures, England. 

Please note that we don’t have a shop, but we can sometimes accommodate visitors by appointment only.

Small Measures is registered with the telephone and mailing preference services.  The above details are for customer contact.

Welcome to Small Measures – The specialist site to find shoes for small feet - Where small shoes are not a big problem


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